Essentially for education, cultural pursuits and/or research, where alternative methodologies can be explored and developed, in a constantly evolving environment.

The CORRIDOR project is a regional and non-for profit company, based at Riverslea Station Woolshed on the banks of the Lachlan River twenty minutes from, Cowra NSW. The name CORRIDOR was chosen to suggest both corridors of learning and environmental corridors. 

Patrons of the CORRIDOR Project are Andrew Upton and Cate Blanchett.

The Board of Directors have been selected from the Creative Industries, Universities, and Business professions.

The CORRIDOR project has involved the reinvigoration of a iconic woolshed and facilities, by d-CONSTRUCT Architects, sited in a magnificent landscape of strewn granite boulders, above the meander of the Lachlan River. It provides a regional space for the Creative Industries, Education and Environmental projects. The Shearers Quarters have been up-graded to accommodate for long term stays, based on the concept of relocating artists and students from their typical environs to examine their projects from a different perspective. Essentially providing a "stepping off point" for exploration and providing a platform for inter-disciplinary cross- pollination in a regional setting.