Botanical Illustration Workshop

BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOP WITH ANGUS FISHER                            Science Hub Orange Cowra Cabonne -  Event

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Using the Mandageria Fairfaxi fossil as well as other specimens from the surrounding central west, learn the techniques required to depict a variety of natural subject matter with precision and accuracy. While exploring the use of fine-line pens and watercolour paints on paper, the workshop will focus on making accurate observations and representing the particular forms and textures unique to each subject. No drawing experience necessary.

Angus Fisher - Biography

Angus Fisher’s art practice has always dealt with nature and humankind’s relationship with the natural world. For Fisher, the idea of nature is a not a static term, but an evolving concept. Through the detailed study of history and natural subject matter, his work grapples with the idea of how nature exists, and has existed, in human imagination. Fisher does not only investigate ecology through his subjects, but the evolving attitudes and changing philosophical interpretations of the wider natural world. Primarily working with etching and drawing, he utilises traditional working techniques, methodologies and aesthetics to place his work in direct connection to historical contexts and traditions. 

Fisher is a graduate of the National Art School in Sydney with whom he has an ongoing relationship with teaching printmaking and drawing. Fisher has also run illustration workshops at various other institutions such as The Australian Museum. He has representation with Australian Galleries and exhibits with them regularly as well as with other establishments both in Australia and overseas. As well as exhibiting, Fisher has worked as an archaeological illustrator in Greece as well as spending considerable time working alongside indigenous artists in remote areas of Australia's Northern Territory. 

Fisher’s work can be found in the collection of The National Gallery of Australia, The Art Gallery of NSW, The New South Wales State Library, The National Art School, Australian Galleries in Sydney and Melbourne as well as private collectors.

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Images copyright: Angus Fisher