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the CORRIDOR project supports residencies, events, and workshops current and past include MOVE-Museum of Vast Exchange, Big Little Histories of Canowindra, COOL BURN, Star Picket, Shearers Ballet, SILOS project, Conservatorium of Music Sydney - Great Western Tour, Birdland Films - Cattle, University of Technology Sydney, The University of Sydney, University of NSW, Archikidz Goes Bush, Bell Shakespeare, Change Media, Graham Sattler Ensemble, Cowra Corroboree, Arts Out West.


I am currently curating a group exhibition of 5 photo media artists including myself: Steven Cavanagh, Damian Dillon, Sarah Mosca, Todd McMillan, and Amanda Williams.“We are interested in the artist footprint and the ways in which we affect place both literally and metaphorically. Exploring cultural connections of place and time, art and science, heart and mind is what makes the CORRIDOR project a perfect fit for us as a group.”
“The opportunity to work as a group on location has been an opportunity to enrich the conversation between us all. The CORRIDOR project, with its amazing facilities and location, has provided a wonderful space for planning, research, play, alternative thinking, and art practice.”
Steven Cavanagh - 2019
I spent a week at the CORRIDOR project to begin a new body of work for my upcoming exhibition. I find residencies to be important to my practice, to remove myself from my usual space and mindset, and to reinvigorate my process and practice. To paint in the shearer’s shed was magic. The history and energy of the space is palpable. It was a perfect place to make paintings, as recreating the energy of a moment in time is something that I seek in my work.

The work I made while on the residency wasn’t necessarily a direct reflection of the property itself, but the rich environment inspires and allows creativity to flow. The outside world is shut out, giving you clarity and a chance to be in a creative bubble. I enjoyed the calm and quite, and the time to sharpen my focus. I was energised and inspired by the property and its surrounds- the Lachlan river, the woolshed, it’s history and the wildlife.
Clara Adolphs - 2019
The CORRIDOR project provided the perfect setting for me to research, experiment and reflect in developing my practice as an artist and geomorphologist. Through my time on residency, I developed new processes that I am extending now to create new, site-based work. Having the support of CORRIDOR and the opportunity to work with such a fantastic site has sparked fresh insights to push my practice forward and I am looking forward to more exciting encounters with this place.
Simon Mould - 2019
We all had such a great time at the CORRIDOR project. Students really enjoyed the experience and returned with so much material to continue working with. It was beyond expectations, team building, creative experiments and a look at country life for all of them. I’m predicting we’ll be back next year.
Geoff Kleem | Head of PhotoMedia - 2019
National Art School
It is always a delight to travel to the CORRIDOR project, a place where disciplines intermingle effortlessly, where a breathtaking landscape and heritage structure form an unlikely stage for a plethora of creative endeavours, and where creative risks and experimentation (which elsewhere would seem impossible) are a part of the everyday ritual. The workshops and performances I have undertaken here have been particularly rewarding milestones in my career; pairing regional and metropolitan interests, skills and experiences and changing perceptions in a focused, nurturing environment. An example of this is the weekends Inspiring Australia, NSW Regional Science Hubs initiative - the Devonian Aquarium - a workshop which brought together digital animation, science, history and botanical illustration to offer new skills to regional practitioners across numerous disciplines. This was a brave, intensive and ambitous workshop made possible through collaboration. As a facilitator, it was an incredible experience to work with such a mixed group of scientists, educators and artists resulting in some fantastic, humerous and informative outcomes.”
Todd Fuller - 2019

Partnerships and Collaborations - 2019

Create NSW

2019 Operational Funding

National Art school

2018-2019 annual report - extract: Partnerships and Collaborations In 2018 the Education Outreach Department entered into three collaborative partnerships: 1. tCp (The CORRIDOR Project, Cowra). The proposed Regional Arts program for 2019 will support professional artists, curators, arts workers, youth and the community from Cowra and the surrounding region and give NAS a solid presence in the central western region of NSW.

Inspiring Australia

2019 Year Round and National Science Week support for the Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub - OCCSH, convened by the CORRIDOR project. Collaboration and support for OCCSH thanks to Orange Regional Museum, CWA Canowindra, Orange Public School, DPI - Orange, Cowra Civic Centre, Transport for NSW, National Art School, Dr Jordan Bailey, Dr Jo Lenehan, Todd Fuller, Angus Fisher, Heather Vallance, Sue Rahilly, Merran Esson, Alana Ambados, Sally MacLennan, Jackie Randles.

Create Infrastructure

MOVE - Museum of Vast Exchange - design and proposal. Advisory and collaborations thanks to Art Gallery NSW, Georgia Connolly, Heather Whitely Robertson, Gavin Wilson, Richard Goodwin, Yambulla Residency, Jim Osbourne, Linnaeus Residency, Age of Fishes Museum, Australian Museum Sydney, Tony Mighell, Brett Adlington, Hiromi Tango, Elizabeth Broomhead, National Parks and Wildlife, Lucy White, Destination NSW Country and Outback.

Transport for NSW

Activation proposal/report of non-operational infrastructure (owned by Transport for NSW) for arts and cultural use in NSW based on Big Little Histories of Canowindra.

The Bundaburrah Creek Dabu Yarra Muran Project

The Bundaburrah Creek Dabu Yarra Muran Project strategically links revegetation of specific native plants to provide materials for weaving workshops to facilitate cultural fishing practices with equipment (fish/yabbie traps) and improved education of broader community. In partnership with LachLandcare, the Forbes Aboriginal Working Group, the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment, Orange Fibre Artists Group Inc., Wiradyuri Dreaming Centre, Lake Cowal Foundation and the CORRIDOR Project.

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