A multi art-form event that interweaves four significant local histories, including Devionian fish, Aboriginal, Agricultural, and Bushranger history. The event will continue a legacy of innovative material developed for public interest in both the Canowindra + Cowra Historical Societies and Age of Fishes Museum.

These histories will be linked through wayfaring, multi-media projections, installation, soundscape, dance, music, and indigenous language. The event will be staged as a non- linear installation and performance between Canowindra Silos, Canowindra Historical Museum, Age of Fishes Museum, Swinging Bridge and Royal Hotel.

Research in consultation with the Canowindra Historical Museum has resulted in local history material being collected during the Silos Project (http://silosproject.com.au/) over the past four years. This community engagement has been key to this proposed event.

Regional communities such as Canowindra are passionate about telling their stories on their own terms, and the creative team has distilled a large number of documented, local, oral histories, and worked closely with community stakeholders to achieve a potent interpretation that reflects a rich variety of viewpoints through a prism of contemporary art-forms. Community participation is central to both the making and experiencing of the performance.

Dylan Gower Director of the CORRIDOR project said “the Heritage Activation grant will provide a dynamic example of how regional railway infrastructure can be repurposed as part of a Masterplan currently developed for the precinct. This event will bring new audiences and creative excellence to the Central West.”

Collaborators include Craig Walsh, Alison Plevey, Aleshia Lonsdale, Genevieve Blanchett, Craig Lawler, Nerida Cuddy, Phoebe Cowdery, Maryann Wright and Dylan Gower.


Wiradjuri artist Aleshia Lonsdale will lead on creating an installation exploring local Aboriginal history. Collaboration with Craig Walsh will inform part of the audio visual content for projection located at Canowindra silos site. Soundscapes of this history will be presented at locations throughout the town including the silos precinct, Swinging Bridge and the shops on Canowindra’s famed dog-legged main street, Gaskill Street.


Craig Walsh's multi-site projections will be presented at the Canowindra railway precinct, with oral stories, and historical imagery. Choreographed agricultural based dance lead by Alison Plevey will accompany Walsh's projection, with site management by Dylan Gower.


Led by community historian Craig Lawler, a number of installations such as oral history footage and soundscape installations will be located at historic sites including Blind Freddies' Bushranger tours, historic stores on Gaskill Street and Canowindra Historic Society Coach Master cottage.Alison Plevey's choreography will create work based on Ben Hall and Canowindra's bushranger history alongside performance by local musicians.

Fossil history

Craig Walsh will build on his existing relationship with Age of Fishes Museum to produce an animated 3D Mandageria fairfaxi NSW State fossil fish, projected into the Belubula River at the Canowindra's Swinging Bridge. This animated model will move naturally and appear to occupy the river for a limited time. Local musicians will create the audio for the site.

Production Manager: Phoebe Cowdery 0413 910697

Partners and Supporters: the CORRIDOR project, Arts Out West, Canowindra Historical Society and Museum, Baroquefest 2018, Age of Fishes Museum