CRAIG WALSH - artist

Over the last 30 years, Australian artist Craig Walsh has become widely known for his pioneering works including innovative approaches to projection mapping in unconventional sites. His site-responsive works have animated natural environments and features such as trees, rivers and mountains, as well as public art projects in urban and architectural space. Craig’s work remains distinctive for its conceptual underpinnings and deftly woven narrative. Over recent years he has extended his digital arts expertise into work with diverse communities, enabling large-scale participation as collaborators in contemporary art projects

Big Little Histories represents an opportunity to embed diverse histories in a site, rich with memories for so many in the region. For two nights we transform the silos and create a new function for these agricultural relics. The projection content includes but also goes beyond histories of human occupation and invites us to consider histories beyond our own in relation to this environment. The work has been created with assistance and support from many in the community ranging from personal reflections and memories to scientific advice on the Devonian fossils.